Tawny (Mommy’s Cocktail Hour) teams up with Patrick (Patrick’s Path to Sustainable Farming) and Krissi (Mommy’s Cocktail Hour) for Vampire Diaries Podcast.

As The Vampire Diaries starts their 4th season of the series, this podcasting super-group jumps in to discuss the show. Just because the podcast is starting four seasons in doesn’t mean they are newbies. Perhaps they’ve finally decided to admit their love for the show, even though they are probably on the higher end of the targeted demographic…or well outside it.

You can listen to Vampire Diaries Podcast in iTunes, Stitcher or your favorite podcast catcher.

Vampire Diaries Podcast on Twitter – @TVD_Podcast
Vampire Diaries Podcast on Facebook – http://facebook.com/vampirediariespodcast

The nomination periods for two different podcast awards are going on right now and RPN shows would love your votes.

The 2012 Stitcher Awards
The First Annual Stitcher Awards nomination process is underway and will end on October 19th. By going to http://stitcher.promotw.com, you can nominate your favorite shows. Our suggestions are to nominate the following shows in the these categories:

Ivy Envy for Best Sports Commentary
Mommy’s Cocktail Hour for Best Health and Lifestyle…because being a drunk mom is a lifestyle.
Patrick’s Path to Sustainable Farming in Best Business and Finance
QC STEP Podcast in Education and Learning

There are a few podcasts that aren’t on RPN, but we’d like to show our support. Vote for these shows too!
100 Words or Less in Best Music Commentary
On What Grounds in Best Comedy

You can vote once a day with the Stitcher Awards, so go there every day until October 19th and vote for these podcasts.

8th Annual Podcast Awards
Also, the 8th Annual Podcast Awards nomination period is underway. Unlike the Stitcher nomination process, with the Podcast Awards, you may only fill out one form. The nomination process for the Podcast Awards ends on Monday, October 15th. Simply go to http://www.podcastawards.com and for the following shows in these categories:

Ivy Envy (http://ivyenvy.com) in Sports
Mommmy’s Cocktail Hour (http://mommyscocktailhour.com) in Food and Drink
Patrick’s Path to Sustainable Farming (http://patrickspath.com) in Business

The shows that aren’t on RPN that you should also vote for are:
100 Words or Less (http://100wordspodcast.com) in Culture/Arts
On What Grounds (http://zpnetwork.com/category/owg/) in Comedy
The Awesome 80’s Podcast (http://theawesome80s.net) in Movies/Films

I purchased a new webcam for the Ivy Envy live broadcasts. It is the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910. The webcams that we were using before were not Mac compatible, so that prompted this purchase. I would suggest this webcam to anyone, especially those that use Macs. It has a Carl Zeiss optics lens, produces video in full HD 1080p and takes 10MP still photos.

When I received the webcam from Amazon, I noticed that the webcam lacked a tripod mount. There is a clip that will mount the camera on top of a laptop, but I wanted to be able to frame the shot. The solution was simple. I took a 1/4″ nut and superglued it to the bottom of the camera’s laptop mount.

The hard plastic surface of the laptop clip on the tripod does not make for an ideal surface on which to glue. I applied a fair amount of glue and held the nut on for about 5 minutes. If I removed my thumb before that, the nut would move. Once the glue was fully set, I went around the outside perimeter of the nut and applied more glue where the metal of the nut meets the plastic of the webcam clip.

Once the glue was completely dried, I carefully screwed the webcam onto the tripod mount and voila!

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On Ivy Envy’s 150th podcast episode, Andy and Corey sit down with Javier Baez and interview the 19-year old, who is widely considered the #2 prospect in the Cubs minor league system. Baez is currently with the Peoria Chiefs. He was the Cubs’ 1st pick, and the 9th overall in the 2011 MLB Draft.

Check out the interview here.

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We will be streaming the feed of the Mommy’s Cocktail Hour Live Video Broadcast here on our site tonight.

Live video for mobile from Ustream

Mommy’s Cocktail Hour will become the second RPN podcast to broadcast a podcasting recording live when they celebrate their 25th episode. On Saturday, May 26th at 8pm Central, simply go to their site and watch them record the episode.

They will be taking phone calls and asking for listener “fabulous finds”, stories and whatever else you’d like to share. Weather permitting, the recording will happen outside on patio, otherwise they will be in the RPN studio. Listen to Episode #24 as they inform you what drink to mix for Episode #25, so you can enjoy it with them.

This live broadcast will not just be MCH’s 25th episode, but it will also be the 250th episode of Relentless Podcast Network. Celebrate with us.

Ivy Envy has taken it’s podcast on the Chicago Cubs to the next level. The guys are broadcasting their podcast recordings live, and in video to their site, www.ivyenvy.com.

With the use of three video cameras, this live broadcast gives you a glimpse into the Relentless Podcast Studios. If you are a fan of the Ivy Envy Podcast and/or the Chicago Cubs, be sure and check these broadcasts out. The are aired live on Saturday mornings at 10am CST.

Here is a clip of the 4/28/12 episode of the Ivy Envy Podcast’s Live Broadcast.

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The Terra Novacast group decided to not let Terra Nova ruin their desire to podcast on a television series and they have embraced the ABC series – The River.

Listen as Corey, Jay, Ray, Tawny and Tiffany discuss this paranormal series and the search for Dr. Emmet Cole. Feel free to join in the discussion on this show.

You can e-mail your thoughts and opinion on The River to them at feedback@therivercast.com or via their Facebook page. The RiverCast would love to hear what you think and read your messages on the show.

Subscribe to The RiverCast in iTunes
The RiverCast on Facebook
The RiverCast on Twitter

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We are starting to put things together for our live video broadcasts. Right now, Ivy Envy is the only podcast that has decided they are taking advantage of the live broadcasts. If you would like to see live broadcasts of the other RPN podcast recordings, e-mail them and let them know. Here’s a sneak-peek of the lead-in.

Category: Ivy Envy

Ivy Envy has announced that they will be making some changes to their site and podcast in the next few months. All of the changes will take effect at the beginning of the Cubs’ 2012 season.

The big announcement was that The Ivy Envy Podcast will now be adding to the podcast by allowing “listeners” to become “viewers”. That’s right, the podcast recordings will be broadcast live at IvyEnvy.com, both audio and video.

Details will be coming in the next few months. They discuss the live broadcasts in a bonus episode. You can hear it here: Bonus Episode – Podcast 3.53

Now that the Relentless Podcast Network studios will be equipped to do live video broadcasts, let the other shows on the network know that you would like them to follow suit and broadcast live.

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